Pang Kam Fat íV one of the Si fu Yip ManíŽs Disciple passed away recently. On behalf of Authentic Ving Tsun Association (AVTA) I went to the Universal Funeral Parlour pay the last respect to Sidai Pang Kam Fat whilst of the Funeral Parlour. We are regard for the loss of our Sidai Pang Kam Fat but it is great value to meet those we have lost contact for many years.

Whilst as the Funeral Ceremony, we have discovered that Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA) have somehow improved their management, such as to-date that VTAA organized the public mourning for Pang Kam Fat.

Looking back at 2003 to 2005, we have lost Chung Man Kam, Man Siu Hung, Law Bing and Chan Kin Hei, who are Sifu Yip ManíŽs disciples; VTAA had never organized the public mourning like this occasion. As matter of facts, Sihing Law Bing had contributed all his effort to support the Ving Tsun Family and particularly supported Sifu Yip Man. In conclusion with the aforesaid, we should arrange public mourning to praise our Sihing Law Bing as well.

All along, some Ving Tsun Practitioners in Hong Kong are not comfortable with the set up of AVTA and even attacked the AVTA. This is unreasonable because there are many authentic Ving Tsun Associations over the world, but why doníŽt those people attack them?

The purpose of setting up AVTA is to pass on the Ving Tsun Ku Fu technique that we learnt from Sifu Yip Man.

Late 2004, VTAA sponsored all Yip ManíŽs disciples to travel to Fat San. They said the purpose of this event is to first step of gathering all Ving Tsun disciples, but we wonder this activity is held because of the set up of AVTA.

Regard to all Ving Tsun Practitioners.