Opera Platform :

The opera platforms in Foshan in the early stage were simply made of bamboo and woods. In Ming and Qing Dynasty, the performances of Cantonese opera were flourishing, when there appeared up to 36 fixed opera platforms. In 1658, the Wanfu Platoform at Zumiao was renovated,c alled Huafeng Platform, with chambers in the front and two sides, being the largest and best opera platform in Lingnan Area, which is now well preserved.

Opera Theatre :

In 1853, the first opera theatre in Foshan, Dangui Opera Theatre was established in Dawan (near current No.4 Middle School). Later on, the opera theatres like Qingping, Pujun, Taiping, Shengping, Yule and other theatres were set. The number of opera theatres reflected the flourishing activities of commercial performances of Cantonese opera.

All information source and copyright: Foshan Museum