Yong Chun White Crane of Grandmaster Pan


1.(San Zhan) Three battles

2.(Shi San Tai Bao) Thirteen royal-defenders

3.(Chuan Xin Zhong) Piercing through the core of the heart

4.(Mei Nu Shu Zhuang) A beauty dresses and makes up

4.5. (Da Qian Zi Da) Big thousand words fighting

5.(Tang Lang Zhao Ri) A mantis illuminates the sun

6.(Meng Hu Qin Zhu) A fierce tiger seizes a pig

7.(Bai He Ba Fen) A white crane with eight components OR A white crane divides into eight

8.(Bai He Zhan Chi) A white crane spreads its wings

8.5. (Bai He Shan Jia) A white crane fans its shoulder blade

9.(Chui Feng Sao Di) Blow the wind and brush the floor

10.(Li Dao Xue Zhu) A sharp knife peels off the bamboos

11.(Ya Zi Cuan Shui) A duck flapping the water

12.(Shi Qi Bai Jia) Seventeen defeated armors

13.(Tie Niu Ru Shi) A iron ox enters the rock

14.(Si Da Chen Zhong) Four big elements – earth, water, fire, air – sink into the center

15.(Xiao Si Men) Small four doors OR The four small doors

16.(Da Si Men) Big four doors OR The four big doors

17. (Bai He Za Ji) The White crane acrobatics

18.(He Chi Zhong) The middle of the crane’s wings

  • short version OR a short set

19.(He Zhua Zhong) The middle of the crane’s claws

20.(He Tou Zhong) The middle of the crane’s head

21.(Kui Xing Dian Dou) The chief star points at the mantle

21.5. (Zhang Tao ShuangDao) Long set, double knives

22.(Tie Ba) The iron trowel

23.(Bai He Gun) The White crane stick

24.(Xiao Qian Zi Da) Little thousand words fighting

This article was written by Pan Xiao De – the father of Pan Cheng Miouw – the current system head

In Ming Dynasty during the years of Jia Zheng (嘉政), there were twenty-four people from my town -Yong Chun (永春)- setting off to the exterior of North Gate of the Fu Zhu Family in Fu Jian Sheng (福建省福宁府北門外). Their mission was to learn the martial arts of Bai He(白鶴拳法) from Fang Qi Liang (方七娘), the daughter of Mr. Fang Cheng (方撐). They had learnt from her for two years. My ancestor, Pan Dui Jin (潘堆金) was one of the twenty-four members. He subsequently returned to Yung Chun to pass on this martial arts to Pan Sai Yu (潘賽玉)、Pan Da Ren (潘大壬)、Pan You Cheng (潘有成) and Pan Yue Zhao (潘月照). These five persons were proficient in Bai He, expert at the surgeries of broken tendons and blood clotting, and were renowned throughout the province. They had attracted quite a lot of pupils and later on had passed on their martial arts to Pan Dun Chi (潘敦池)、Pan Shen En (潘深恩)、 Pan Li Qiu (潘利秋) and Pan Zhen Tuan(潘貞團)。Pan Zhen Tuan is my elder uncle. When I was eleven years old, I followed him to learn Bai He and at the same time had practised duo-fighting for three years with my schoolmate, Huang Yi Bian (黃奕扁). When I was fifteen, I studied arteries and veins in Chinese medicine with Ruan Guo Xing (阮國興). When I was eighteen, I opened a dispensary for bone-fractures in Chi Shui Street (赤水街). When I was thirty-three, Yao Ming Qiao (姚明僑), the fifth son of the millionaire Yao Zhang(姚樟) who lived in the riverhead of Da Pu Fu(達埔洑) in Yong Chun, had donated money to the Ping Lu Province (平魯縣) in Guang Dong (廣東). As the province magistrate was very fond of martial arts, he invited me to teach martial arts in his two halls. In eighty days I was granted two hundred dollars. In 1928, when I was forty-seven, I set off for Nan Jing (南京) to participate in the examination for the First National Martial Arts, which had lasted for one month. Then Mr. Zhang Zhi Jiang (張芝江), the Head of the halls, personally urged me to travel to the areas around Malaya(南洋) to spread Chinese martial arts. Thanks to Mr. Zhang, I first arrived at Malaysia, and with the decision of Mr. Chen Jia Geng (陳嘉庚) I had led performances and taught in many states and provinces. Later on, a national martial arts school was found within the Singapore Commercial Remedial School, and I was appointed as the Acting Head for the national martial arts school and had coached eighteen (18) disciples. At that time there were totally three hundred and twenty (320) pupils. When I returned to my motherland, I had established a Chinese martial arts school for three years in the shrine of Weng Gong(翁公祠) in Wu Li Street (五里街) in Yong Chun. People of all walks of life in Yong Chun knew about it. Eventually, Pan Dun Chi (潘敦池)、Pan Shen En (潘深恩)、 Pan Li Qiu(潘利秋) and Pan Zhen Tuan(潘貞團), etc. went to teach in the major province Jiang Xi(江西省), and passed on the martial arts to quite a number of pupils.

  • Narrated by Pan Xiao De


方掌光(Fang Zhang Guang)


方七娘 (Fang Qi Niang)

曾四 (Zeng Si)

潘賢 (Pan Xian) , 葉福 (Ye Fu) , 姚虎 (Yao Hu) , 林推 (Lin Tui) ,

二十四英俊 (Er Shi Si Ying Jun) , 曾祿吏 (Zeng Lu Li)

潘堆金 (Pan Dui Jin)

潘賽玉 (Pan Sai Yu) , 潘敦池 (Pan Dun Chi) , 潘大任 (Pan Da Ren)

潘深恩 (Pan Shen En), 潘月照 (Pan Yue Zhao)

潘利秋 (Pan Li Qiu)

潘貞團 (Pan Zhen Tuan)

王忠瑛 (Wang Zhong Ying), 潘嗣清(Pan Chi Qing), 潘世颯 (Pan Shi Sa) ,

潘孝德 (Pan Xiao De)

潘孝德 (Pan Xiao De)

潘世瓊 (Pan Shi Qiong), 潘成廟 (Pan Cheng Miao), 潘興裕 (Pan Xing Yu) , 潘錦標 (Pan Jin Biao) , 潘清己 (Pan Qing Ji) , 潘應鑾 (Pan Ying Luan),

陳國珍 (Chen Guo Zhen), 顏拱堪 (Yan Gong Kan) , 張衡山 (Zhang Heng Shan) , 周河漢 (Zhou He Han) , 顏樹炳 (Yan Shu Bing) , 鄭晉源 ( Zheng Jin Yuan), 林大德 (Lin Da De) , 黃文勇 (Huang Wen Yong), 林天瑞(Lin Tian Rui) ,

許裕云 (Xu Yu Yun) ,黃吋芬 (Huang Shi Fen)

潘成廟 (Pan Cheng Miao)

潘瓊琪 (Pan Qiong Qi) , 潘瓊琳 (Pan Qiong Lin), 林強 (Lin Qiang), 潘進興(Pan Zhen Xing)

林要強 (Lin Yao Qiang), 陳招瑜 (Chen Zhao Yu) , 黃子文 (Huang Zi Wen) ,

呂培陽 (Lv Pei Yang) , 呂連樹 (Lv Lian Shu) , 呂添送 (Liu Tian Song) , 吕晓铃(Lv Xiao Ling)

顏世榮 (Yan Shi Rong) , 辜聯進 (Gu Lian Jin) , 顏金發 (Yan Jin Fa)

潘辉澜(Pan Hui Lan),潘輝彬(Pan Hui Bin),張亞芬(Zhang Ya Fen)

陳偉彬(Chen Wei Bin),颜明煌(Yan Ming Huang),潘泽龍(Pan Ze Long),潘東海(Pan Dong Hai)

Wu Shu Guan (Training Hall of Yong Chun County White Crane)



Martial arts have a long history of development in our country,it’s one of the important cultural heritages our ancestors has left with us.It’s not only a kind of body building sports,but also contains the historic significance about our nation’s resistance against invasion.


Yongchun White Crane is the youngest fist style among the fist styles of Shaolin Wuzu. Legend has it that during the Kangxi time of Qing Dynasty,in a temple located in the Bai Lian temple, out of the north door of Fu Ning region there’s a woman named Fang Qi-Niang, daughter of Fang Zhong,who is a disciple of Shaolin Kung Fu.Her father had taught her martial arts from an early age.One day,she was weaving in the temple,when a white crane flew and rested in the roof,perking its head and flapping its wings,dancing and playing with its alas,using its beak to peck its own feather,holding out its neck to search for food,twisting its neck to take a rest, Fang Chee-Niang was very surprised with its amazing gesture.Then she threw a box on it,but the white crane easily dodged it;she contined to use her ruler to attack it,but once again the attack was effortlessly deflected,after that the white crane open its wings and flew high into the sky. Astonished by the crane's skill, Fang Chi-Niang sought to practice with it on a daily basis. Eventually she recognised the significance of the crane's movements, and began incorporating them into her training Shaolin pattern,developing a characteristic fist style,namly “White Crane”.



Since then Fang Qi-Niang taught Kung Fu at the Bai Lian temple,and became very famous.She was named famous teacher of the world、heroine of the nation.And she has taught countless students.Zhengli 、Zhengchong、 Yefu 、Pansai、 Liuzao came from Yongchun to the Bai Lian temple to be prentices of Fang Chee-Niang.During the period of Kang Xi Emperor,“Fang Chee-Niang and her husband were exiled to Yongchun”(《Yongchun county annals* biography of Fangji》They together taught students of 24 different surnames—Wu、Wang、Lin、Cai、Le、Xu、Shu、Zhou、Kang、Yan、Zhang、Ci、Li、Bai、 Zheng、Yao ect.


In the 22nd year of Emperor Kang Xi(In the Summer of 1683,a Grand-Master Bai Jie from Taiwan,also prentice of Fang Qi-Niang at the Bai Lian temple,came to Yongchun to teach”Inch power saves strength”,from then on white crane has become more perfect.It can be judged from this that white crane had already spread to Taiwan at that time.


The establishment of Yongchun National Martial Arts Gym


Yongchun is the cradleland of White Crane,in the past dynasties,masters came forth in great number, then they recruited their own prentices,taught them White Crane based on their own understanding of White Crane.

1928年10月,南京行将举行全国首届国术考试。消息传来,古历7月20日,县长吕觉剑、驻军师长高特邀请全县武术界125人,在西校场(现人民体育场)进行表演。从中选拔出潘世晃、潘嗣清、潘孝德(三潘系白鹤正宗拳师潘贞团之徒弟)、李万悦、宋忠达、王忠瑛、林宝山、谢醒狮……等十八人作为永春白鹤拳派代表参加国考 (附注:本省参加首届全国武术比赛共20名,我永即居其半)

In Octber,1928,the first National Martial Arts Competiton(NMAC) was held in Nan’jing.When this news came,on July 20 caculated in lunar calendar,the county head Lv Jue Jian、division commander of the garrison invited 125 people from the field of martial arts to have a demostration in West Plaestra (now the People’s Plaestra).And they selected Pan Shi Huang、Pan Si Qing(three Pans are prentices of white crane orthodox master Pan Zhen Tuan)、Li Wan Yue、Song Zong Da、Wang Zong Ying、Lin Bao Shan、Xie Xing Shi……ect as representatives of Yongchun white crane fist style to join the NMAC(annotation:there’re 20 competitors who joined the fist NMAC,athletes from Yongchun made up 50 percent.)


The NMAC began on Oct.17th,according to <Shen Bao>one critical newspaper of <Special Edition of NMAC >”there’re around 341 competitors who join the first round…….”The first people to perform was Pan Shi Huang,though aged 72,he was still in very high spirit.After several days’ competitive contest,all ten representatives of Yongchun were awarded for passing the competition in both personal demonstration part and score of the competition.One of them named Pan Si Qing ranked second in the competition, curator of Central National Martial Art、Chife Commissioner of the NMAC Zhang Zhi Jiang and chife judge of the competition Li Lie Jun awarded him a stele written ”Martial Art Wins over other master-hands”、“Gain honor for our nation”.Pan Shi Huang was named as the eldest master of NMAC,awarded with a stele written “Excellent Master of Natioanal Martial Art”


After the NMAC,Zhang Zhi Jiang、Song Yan Yuan(Song was born in the Rulin town of Yongchun,an official of Nan Jing government.)specially had an interview with masters of white crane,congratulated their good performance,encouraged them to advocate national arts after returning to Yongchun, developed the quintessence of the nation,established national arts gyms and cultivated good students.


Coming back with great glories,every master who had joined the NMAC was very active on the estabishment of National Martial Arts Gym to develop the quintessence of the nation,people came from all walks of life also actively took part in it.With the support of former governor Zheng

Qian Shan and the newly-appointed governor Chen Ying Kui,in the winter of that year,selecting “Weng Gong Ci”as the location of the Wu Shu building,its whole name was “The Yongchun branch of the Central National Martial Arts Gym”,directly affiliated to Central National Martial Arts building.Appointing Lin Bao Shan as the first curator,Pan Shi Huang as vice curator,Pan Xiao De as constant coach,other boxers as coaches.After everything was ready,they began to enrolled prentices,changing the tranditional way of private teaching into collectively teaching.In this way,not only it’s easy for every boxer to show their advantages,but also let the prentices learning a comparative integrated Yongchun white crane.


Together two terms were held from the winter of 1928 the lunar June of 1928.The second curator of the building was Pan Shi Huang,enrolled 128 prentices in all.The prentices were divided into eight groups according to the ability,separately taught fist position、application of broadsword、spear、sword、stick and other instruments. The study time was fixed as four months,at the end of study there would be a test,after passing it they can graduate.And if you ranked among the first ten,you would be award medals.In July 1929 they form a delegation to go abroad to perform,the National Martial Arts Gym was temporarily closed down.

1929年古历7月,永春国术界人士为发扬国粹,涤除积弱,以潘世晃、潘嗣清、潘孝德、李万悦、宋忠达、王忠瑛、林保山、潘嗣迥、潘瑞盈、潘搏徽、潘绳武、潘儒耸、王信有、王礼笃、陈添恩、柯剑锋、李国祥、谢醒狮等二十人组成的“闽南(Southern Fujian)术团”,潘世晃为正主任,由李万悦率领,前往新加坡、马来西亚各地巡回表演,传播拳艺。

In lunar calendar July 1929,in order to develop the quintessence of the nation,do away with accumulated weakness people in the field of Yongchun national art organized a delegation named”Delegation of Southern Fujian’s Arts”,20 members of the delegation included Pan Shi Huang、Pan Xiao De、Li Wan Yue、Song Zhong Da、Lin Bao Shan、Pan Si Jiong、Pan Rui Ying、Pan Bo Hui、Pan Shen Wu、Pan Ru Song、Wang Xin You、Wang Li Du、Chen Tian En、Ke Jian Feng、Li Guo Xiang、Xie Xing Shi ect.


When the group arrived in Singapore,they received warm welcome and support from head of overseas Chinese Chen Jia Geng、chief editor and concurrently supervisor on print of Report Li Tie Min and overseas Chinese celebrity Chen Jing Qing ect.They aslo took photos as a souvenir.Mr. Cheng Jia Geng full of patriot passion for our nation made two couplets as a present to the group,encouraging them to sweep away our nation’s shame and win honour for our nation.The content of the couplets is as follows:







With the help of Mr Cheng Jiagen, it made its first public performance in Singapore. Then, it made a tour around the major cities in Malaysia. Lasting a period of 8 months, it received overwhelming welcome and praise of overseas Chinese there.


On January 20th of 1930, the Books and Newspaper Press in Penang City and other personages from the press field held a special conference to welcome them as well as in Malacca, Sitiawan(实兆远) Lumut红土坎. Moreover, the Yongchun overseas Chinese commercial community in both Sitiawan and Lumut showed their warmness and respect by presenting the great banner of “Publicize the Martial Arts” to them.


On the evening of March 18th and 19th in 1930, the National Martial Arts Group performed in the China Great Theater Jialiu Street in Seremban District(芙蓉镇). they made their contributions to the welfare of Chinese cultural education by donating all the tickets income to the the Seremban Chinese School.


The performance abroad of this very time impress the local overseas Chinese of southeast Asia so greatly that Mr Cheng Jiagen proposed to set up a National Martial Arts centre in Singapore at the end of their trip, for the purpose of nurturing new blood of martial arts abroad. So a portion of masters of the martial arts stayed there. As for the invitation of Mr Cheng Jiagen, Pan Xiaoden was appointed as the curator of the National Martial Arts Group, Xie Xingshi and some others as the coaches. During the May of 1930, the participants of it amount to more than 300, when the Group began to enroll learners in the Singapore Industrial Remediation School. As to the time when the Group was formally opened, the British viceroy of both Singapore Colonial and Malaysia King Wenty came to celebrate and congratulate the establishing ceremony. In the mere four months in Singapore, the learners of overseas Chinese were more than one thousand. After that, the Group went to Selat Klang巴生, Malacca cities in Malaysia, taking in around 200 to 300 new learners.


In the spirit of his love for mother land and overseas Chinese,besides teaching White Crane Pan Xiao De also imparted the prescriptions on bone fracture during his stay in south east Asia. Perfects and patients in the area PAN to cure the cold and bone. Xiao De was praised by overseas Chinese for his excellent prescription and his ability to effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life.


" Delegation of Southern Fujian’s Arts "was the first in our county to perform and teach abroad,making solid foundation for the wide-spread of Yongchun White Crane across the Southeast Asia.


In 1932, the National Martial Arts Gym opened up again,appointed Pan Xiao De as the curator, and Pan Shi Qiong was as constant couch. The gym was closed down for several reasons two years later, but it was used as a place of practising martial arts,bringing up persons martial talents to take part in various martial arts competitions util the year of 1948.


The first sports meeting was held in Xiamen in 1935, Yongchun sent a delegation mainly consisted of athletes from the National Martial Arts Gym to join the competition.Six people included Pan Xiao De , Pan Shi Qiong, Pan Bo Hui won the firsr prize, winning two silver medals.


After the meeting,Yongchun held an arena competition in Xia Men,eight athletes included Song Zong Da、Lin Ru Hai 、Pan Bo Hui、Su Xian Zhong、Zheng Wen Cun、Li De Jin、Zhang Zhi Xian、Lin Feng Biao joined the match, but because of the interferance of the police office in Xia Men,no one came to compete though the arena had been prepared. This was enough to prove that Yongchun White Crane denomination had the ability to hold an arena competition,their strive for victory.

1935年第四行政区督察专员公署在泉州举行的所属各县武术比赛,以国术馆为主组队参加。领队张志贤,队员:郑文存、潘瑞英、李德金、张行山、颜拱堪、颜树炳、潘 徽、陈燕权、陈来成等十人。比赛结果永春取得冠军,并获得冠军锦旗一面。

In the year of 1935,the fourth district Supervisor Special Office held a martial arts competition of its supervising region in Quan Zhou,Yongchun aslo sent a delegation mainly consisted of athletes from the National Martial Arts Gym.The leader was Zhang Zhi Xian,team members included Zheng Wen Cun,Pan Rui Ying,Li De Jin,Zhang Hang Shan,Yan Gong Kan,Yan Shu Bing,Pan Hui,Chen Yan Quan,Chen Lai Cheng ect.Finally Yongchun won the champion,and got a bright and beautiful champion flag.

1936年在莆田举行的第三绥靖区军民运动会,以国术馆为主,组成武术队参加。领队张志贤,队员郑文存、潘 徽、潘瑞盈、李德金、张行山、颜拱堪、张开文、陈燕权、陈来成等十人。比赛结果,永春武术队荣获“团体总优胜”,并得到胡文虎赠的“团体总优胜”盾牌一枚。

In 1936,the country again sent a delegation mainly consisted of atheles from the National Martial Arts Gym to join the third Shuijing district Soldiers and the masses sport meet held in Putian County .The leader was Zhang Zhi Xian,team members included Zheng Wen Cun,Pan Rui Ying,Li De Jin,Zhang Hang Shan,Yan Gong Kan,Pan Hui,Chen Yan Quan,Chen Yan Quan,Chen Lai Cheng ect.At last,Yongchun martial arts team won “General Group Champion”,together got a shield presented by Hu Wen Hu.


In the exhibition game held in 1943 to commemorate “Birthday of the Prime Minister”,Yan Shu Bing won double first prize separately for demonstration of lion and bare-handed demonstration.


After the liberation of China,our gym has cultivated lots of athleles.They have joined county,city,provincial and even national martial arts competitions and performances with excellent performance and achievements.


In Nov.1952 our county held the first People sports meet,in the martial arts competition,Yan Gong Kan won the first-class prize,Pan Cheng Miao,Pan Jin Biao won the second-class prize.


In the year 1952,Zhou He Han won an excellent performance diploma in the martial arts exhibition game held in Jin Jiang area.


In 1958,Pan Cheng Miao won the third-class medal in the provincial martial arts sport meet.


In 1959,Pan Cheng Miao won the juvenile group first prize in our county’s martial arts exhibition game,and Pan Ying Ruan second.


In the martial arts exhibition game held in Jin Jiang area in 1984,Zhen Xiao Hong won double champions of the juvenile group optional fist position and traditional women instrument(cudgel).Zhang You Li came as second in traditional women instrument(Broadsword),third in women traditional fist arts.Zhang Pei Can,Zhang Bo Hu won the third in juvenile group’s training versus each other.


In the provincial martial arts exhibition game held in Jian Yang,1984,Zhang Hang Shan won double champion on the elder group fist position and traditional instruments.Lin An Na came as second in the women adult all-round competition.


Thanks to the support and sponsorship of governments of all levels,"Fujian Yongchun Weng Gong Ci Wushu Gym,"formerly known as "Yongchun Wushu Gym",opened in August 10th,1985,with Pan cheng miao,nephew of Pan Xiao De,as chief curator,Su Ying Han,Yan Gong Kan as vice- curatorand chief coach,Yan Shu Bing,Lin Da De ,Zhou He Han,Zhong Jing Yuan,Huang Shi Fen as coaches.


In 1985,Zhang Zhu Shan won copper medal in a view and emulate meeting of national martial arts that held in Tianjin by performing traditional arts of fist position(white crane).


In Dec1985,led by its regimental commander,Yi You Qing ,a Japanese karate association whose aim is to promote friendship visited Quan Zhou.Pan Cheng Miao,Shu Ying Han,Zhan Xing Shan were invited to exchange ideas.


In the year of 1986,Zhen Wen Chun,Shu Chang Dong,Shu Wen Mei,Yan Shu Bin,Huang Shi Feng,Lin Da De won first-class prize of the group of the old in the martial arts exhibition game which was held in the area of Jin Jiang.


In 1988,Yan Gong Sheng won first-class prize of the group of elder people in the martial arts view and emulate meeting in San Ming.

几经沧桑的永春县翁公祠国术馆,在中国共产党和各级人民政府的关怀与支持下,尤其是西安村村长颜建峰同志从各方面的关心配合下得以复生。自复馆以来,它就受到海内外贤达及侨亲、港、澳同胞的热心支持和慷慨资助。1985年侨胞周昌注资助人民币200元作为武术馆经费,尤其永春港胞颜彬生先生更为关注,武术馆添置刀、枪、剑、棍等练兵器、武术队运动服。1988年 月又慷慨解囊捐资35000元修葺古老凋敝的“翁公祠”武术馆,使之焕然一新。

Under the support of the Communist Party and the governments,especially the head of Xi'an village,Yan Jian Feng.Yongchun Weng Gong Ci National Arts Gym recovered from all the difficulties .From then on Yongchun Weng Gong Ci National Arts Gym has received lots of support and aiding fund from compatriots at home and overseas.(In 1985,overseas compatriot Zhou Zi Sheng subscribed 200 yuan as outlet of Yongchun Weng Gong Ci National Arts Gym.Moreover,Yong Chun Hong Kong compatriot Yan Bin paid more attention to it.,adding broadswords,spears,swords,sticks and other weapons martial arts uniforms as the Gym’s possessions.And in the year 1988,he generously donated 35000 to repair the old and precious “Weng Gong Ci”Martial Arts Gym,giving it a brand new-look.


After its recovery to operation,our Gym based on the principle of developing Yongchun white crane fist position,improving people’s health has opened up various activities,opening perennial training classes mainly on youngsters.Up to now,we have held 8 times of this training,each period lasts 30 days.To meet the requirement of the mass,we have held 3 times special training class for the juveniles during their summer vacation,during the process of imparting them we put lots of emphasis on the education of martial virtue,using “Virtue before arts”as our principle to educate the youngsters to be a qualified citizen


Nowadays our gym is organizing people to dig and rearrange the various fist styles of white crane,we’’ll try our best to make the gym better,to meet everyone’s expectation.