Ng Siu Lo

Ng Siu Lo (Wu Xiaolu), although he began study at the same time as his younger brother Ng Jung So, was considered to have been Chan Wah Shun's first student. In alternate accounts, it was suggested that both he and his brother actually began learning with Leung Jan and continued with Chan Wah Shun when Leung Jan retired, though this is highly unlikly due to their ages in relation to Leung Jan and Chan Wah's.

Ng Siu Lo and his brother Ng Chun So helped run an Opium and Gambling club owned by Yiu Choi. His name is found in an engraving on a picture given to Chan Yiu Min, for the opening of his school. Only 9 names are engraved on the dedication, including Yip Mans, to there Sihing and fellow student. It has been preserved via Oral Tradition that Chan Wah Shun only had 14 students, thus if the engraved names are accurate, validate 9 out of the 14.


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