Lo Kwai's Student's and Family

Not much is known about Lo Kwai. He operated a stand, in Foshan that sold Pork and other meats. His strength was such, that he could cut off a full grown pigs Head, with a single stroke of his cleaver. His pork selling stand, was in the same market corner, that Leung Jan's Medical clinic was located, which is currently called Fei Jee Street or Cho Stick street. Lo Kwai was able to learn from and become a diciple to Famous Wing Chun Fighter, Leung Jan.

When the Nationalists left China, and went to Taiwan, Lo Kwai's Family and student's followed. They settled in Taiwan, and have passed down the Wing Chun system, within their family, for generations. The family doesnt teach the Wing chun system, publicaly. They teach Bot Gwa and Hsing i to the public, while reserving the Wing Chun system for diciples and family members.


  • Oral and Written Tradition Chiow Family
  • Special thanks to Andrew Chiow and Hunter Von Unschuld