Lo Family System


Lo Family system preserves the teachings of Fung Siu Ching, the second Sifu of Wing Chun master Yuen Kay Shan. Oral and written tradition from the Lo Family state that the Lo brothers learned from Fung Siu Ching, at the Bot Goon Opera association. The Lo brothers passed down, there system to each of there children, Lo Chiu Woon and Lo Hang Tai?. Lo Chiu Woon? brought Lo family tradition to Dai Duk Lan and passed his entire system down to Wai Yan.

Most versions of the Lo Family system, are stemming from Wai Yans student Cheng Kwong?, or grand-student Andreas Hoffman who made significant modifications to the material. Research work being done by the AWCKRI, is attempting to track down Lo family tradition from sources other than Wai Yan and Cheng Kwong for further study.

Lo Chiu Woon wrote the family traditions into a book, that was never published, which is the source for alot of information currently publicaly available on 'Weng Chun'.


  • Oral and written tradition Lo Family
  • Oral and written tradition Wai Yan
  • Oral and written tradition Andreas Hoffmann
  • Oral and written tradition Chan Yiu Men
  • Oral and written tradition Tang Family
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