Lee Chi Kong - (Alan Lee)

In 1967, Lee began learning Wing Chun from Lok Yiu, the second disciple of the late Grandmaster Yip Man. In time, Lee became an assistant instructor for SiFu Lok Yiu’s schools. As a result of his good character, talent and dedication to the Wing Chun style, Yip Man chose Lee as a private student.

This great honor allowed Lee to train intensively and complete the Wing Chun curriculum under the expert tutelage of Yip Man. In honor of the Grandmaster, SiFu Lee donated his residence in Hong Kong to establish the chief school and office of the Yip Man Wing Chun Martial Art Association.

After leaving Hong Kong and arriving in New York City in 1974, Lee had the great fortune and honor of meeting Duncan Leung, Leung furthered SiFu Lee’s knowledge of the art and together they ran a Wing Chun Kung Fu school in New York City.

In 1978 Lee was appointed Chairman and Director of the Yip Man Wing Chun Martial Arts Association, United States Chapter by Yip Chun. In addition to his passion for Wing Chun and martial arts, Lee is a highly skilled practitioner of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine specializing in physical injury (Dit-Da).


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