Joyotpaul “Joy” Chaudhuri. Tempe Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Joy Chaudhuri teaches wing chun kung fu in Tempe and Chandler in the Phoenix Arizona, Metro area. Chaudhuri has had a sustained involvement in learning and teaching wing chun since 1976 when he lived in Tucson before opening a school in New Mexico and later moving to the Phoenix area where he is now a Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University where in the past he was also an administrator. His academic field is political philosophy buttressed with a background in comparative cultures.He has served as an acting Director of the Center for Asian studies.He has had a lifetime interest in martial arts disciplines. In his youth in India he was involved in boxing and several Indian martial arts under excellent teachers. In the US at college age he continued amateur boxing. Later he tried out Okinawan karate and Wado Ryu Karate. His great good fortune was to find his wing chun sifu in Tucson- Augustine Fong formerly of Macao and Hong Kong. He is an instructor in the Fong System of Wing Chun. Sifu Joy is interested in the depth of wing chun concepts and in actual applications. Theory and practice are inseparable in his teaching. Sifu Joy’s martial arts related publications have appeared in various places including Inside Kung Fu, Kung Fu Taichi and the Journal of Asian martial Arts.

Augustine Fong began learning wing regularly in Macao around 1960 under Ho Kam Ming one of the most distinguished students of the great Ip Man who played a major role in the spreading of wing chun.Master Fong learned from Ho for eight years and also taught for him.He had much “practical experience” in using wing chun in Hong Kong against other styles.In a major inter school challenge match, Master Fong was the designated representative for Ho Kam Ming. He later went back to learn more from Master Ho and stays in touch with him.Master Fong first began teaching a few students in Nogales, Arizona. Then in the early 70s he moved to Tucson and began teaching there. He continues to run Fong’s Health Center in Tucson at 920 South Craycroft, where in addition to regular wing chun classes, he teaches yang style taichi and consults on Chinese herbs, acupressure, acupuncture and tui na. For quality control and continuing education of wing Chun instructors he has an annual seminar in Tucson.See:// for more info. Master Fong’s contributions in the development of wing Chun includes a sensible systemization of the curriculum in learning wing chun.

Master Ho Kam Ming is a distinguished disciple of Ip man. He now has over 52 years of experience in the art. He is one of the very few persons who completed the entire wing chun system directly under Ip Man and learning directly from him including years of private lessons.After over 7 years of formal instruction averaging 4 hours daily without exception- he stayed in close touch with his sifu including the period of his final illness until he died. Master Ho was with Ip man earlier in the day when Ip man died. Master Ho always had access to corrections and explanations from Ip Man including lots of chi sao. Ip man did not do chi sao with everyone. Master Ho belongs to that very small group of people who really learned the bot jam do-the capstone of a detailed wing chun education from Ip man. Master Ho opened his own school in Macao and formed the Ho Kam Ming Martial Arts Association. He has developed distinguished students who have done well in full contact matches in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Singapore. His system and approach is well tested. Master Ho moved to Toronto- while a couple of his students still teach at the Macao school. He travels often between Canada and China and visits the USA as well.