John Crescione

Sifu John Crescione, D.C. has been involved with martial arts for over 25 years. Like many, his first experience was Bruce Lee as Kato in “ The Green Hornet” TV series. “When I saw Bruce Lee, I knew I had to do that stuff-I wanted to break a board and brick with my hands, I wanted to be like Kato.”

His father helped begin his trip down the martial arts highway by getting him a book on karate to train from. In the late 60’ and early 70’s martial art schools were hard to come by. And even after finding different martial arts styles, schools, and people willing to teach-there was just something missing for him.

Until he found Wing Chun. “Well, I didn’t really find it .I wanted to do JKD, but at that time there where no JKD schools anywhere, and Wing Chun was the next best thing. And once I really got into Wing Chun, it had everything I wanted.”

Sifu Crescione has trained with some of the best within the Wing Chun world, both in and out of the Yip Man, Hong Kong lineage. He believes that, as lineage is important (his traces to Lee Moy Shan, William Cheung and Yip Ching directly), the real teachers should be application, function, anatomy and physiology.

Sifu Crescione is a Doctor of Chiropractic, maintains Fellowship status with the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture, and has an extensive background in exercise physiology, nutrition and chi gung. He has also trained Wing Chun in both Hong Kong and China. Many of his students actively participate in Chi Sao tournaments throughout the United States. He is the team Chiropractor for the NY Jets football team and teaches many of them Wing Chun concepts to apply to the gridiron.

He has taught seminars across the country on various topics within Wing Chun, as well as seminars on iron palm, Dim Mak and weapons fighting. He is a founding member of the International Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation, a member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong, Yip Man Athletic Association of Hong Kong, World Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation, United States Kung Fu Federation and Chinese National Chi Gung Institute as well as a regular featured speaker of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Friendship seminars.

He has been published in Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Legends, and Wing Chun Today Magazine. A featured article will soon be appearing in the updated version of the Genealogy of Ving Tsun, published by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association. His school is located in Long Island, N.Y. For more information, seminars or questions - you can contact Sifu John Crescione, D.C. by email at , or through his web page at .