Hu Hui Chien

Hu Hui-Chien or the kungfu brother of Hung Xi-Kuan (Hung Gar ancestors) is popular. Anyone watching the Shaws' brother Shao Lin kung Fu movies will know him.

Now, in the Legend, Hu learn kungfu from Jee Shim and practice his art in the WENG CHUN TONG or EVER LASTING HALL of the Southern SHAOLIN /Weng Chun Tong of Nam Siu Lam Jee.

Jee Shim taught Hu and Hung in the Weng Chun Tong, and they went off to found Weng Chun and Hung Ga respectively. The Red Junk, may have housed the Chi Shun system which became known Jee Shim (Chi Sim) Weng Chun Kuen and Ng Mui, Wing Chun system. Chi Shims art contains the sets like Fa Kuen which has component such as Fut Cheong..... Peng Kuen..... and Set such as Jong Kuen.. It is not a secret at all. It is some researchers are sleeping..

IN the Red Junk, this type of Weng Chun or the Hui Hui-Chien Weng Chun could be exist. But that is different to Wing Chun. As for How Weng Chun people do SLT.... Well, some people might learn that in the Red Boat from the WCK actors. IMHO.

On the other hand, say people original study Northern Tai Tzu, then study some TaiJi. CAn this group of people using the The Northern Tai Tzu ancestors family tree to claim they are the olderst TaiJi because the Northern Tai Tzu link to the emperor of Sung dynasty? IN reality they don't understand taiji since thier root is Tai tzu.

also CAn some people who has no clue about what is the 13 postures keep claiming the olderst Taiji has 108 postures form.....? and keep asking have you see Chang San feng doing 108 postures set?