History of Ermie Mountain Sup Yee Zhuang

"The lineage : During the Southern Song Dynasty in 1227 AD a Wudang Daoist martial and medicinal priest named White Cloud, came to Emei's Golden Summit, became a Buddhist monk and eventually the Sudden Enlightenment abbot of the Hua Zang Temple. After writing the Precious Lotus Cannon and formulating the External Energy Diagnosis and Treatment System Samantabhadra came to him in a vision and told him to pass on his knowledge to the next generation to help rid the world of pain and suffering and to let the light of the lineage shine like the sun. Undisturbed for eight centuries the monastics who practiced this tradition enjoyed a peaceful co-existence with the natural radiance of Emei Mountain until WWII. During the war Master Yongxin passed the lineage onto Zhou Qianchuan who went to Shanxi, Province and opened an Emei clinic there. He taught the public for the first time in history ......"