Fut Sao Lineage

  • 5 Elders - (Gu Yee Kuen)
    • Abbot Hsu Yun - (Gao Ghi Fut Sao)

This Cantonese Wing Chun Kuen system (Yong Chun Chuan) was brought to the United States by Grandmaster Henry Leung in 1961. To honor his late teacher, Buddhist Abbot Hsu Yun (also kown as "Gao Ghi Fut Sao"), Henry Leung renamed the system "Buddha Hand Wing Chun" (Fut Sau Yong Chun). It contains the aggressive, sticking, springing power, for which all Wing Chun Kuen is known, and the softer, more internal components, usually associated with systems such as Hsing I or Ba Gua.

Fut sau was the inner Gate system taught to the inside Abbots whom intergrated its concepts with the five elder surviving arts. The art was originaly known as Gu Yee Chuna or Ancient Chivalrous Fist. Wing Chun Kuen was propagaged through five distinct styles: Buddhis, Buddhist, Royal Family, Red Boat, and Ancient which has been lost.


  • Oral and written tradition Henry Leung
  • Written tradition Michael Mc Ilwrath