Weng Chun County Bok Hok Kuen Kuit - Lee Kong Branch

Zhen Gian Chuan

What is zee mo/ center - Return to Center?
Zee mo return to center means - The centerline is proper
All operations must be internal - As strong as steel
External - As soft as cotton
Fingers as mud - Obey the centerline While changing whole body - High, Mid, Lo
Three doors must erect smoothly
Forward incoming use ping/ single whip
In reverse - Return to center
Enter door - Break it
Meet the bridge - Break it
Strike as soon as empty

10 Shaking - 9 are false
True shaking?
Even an army of one thousand men could not impede

Head, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees bump
All are good at listening skill/ging
Following the coming posture and bump
Shaking the opponent away


  • Lee Kong
  • translation Hendrik Santo