Fukien Lineage Weng Chun

Little is known about the Fukien Weng Chun arts, other than several articles written in "New Martial Hero", back in the 1970's. Branchs can be found in China, Southeast Asian and other places.

Fukien Weng Chun was said to originate to the Fukian Siu Lum temple and legendary Abott "Chi Shim" who taught Kung fu out of the "Weng Chun Dien" or Everlasting Spring Hall. Legend states that after the burning of the southern Siu Lum temple Chi Shims top students Fong Sai Yuk and Hu Hui Gan escaped abroad passing down the art in the Guangdong region.


  • Complete Wing Chun by Ritchie, Chu and Wu
  • New Martial Hero