Alan Goldberg

Alan Goldberg began his Yong Chun training in 1973 under Liu Wei Shigong, Jason Lau. He became Shigong's number 1 disciple, and head of our Yong Chun family. Alan Shifu is one of Liu Wei Shigong's eldest disciples. He is the creator of "Law Enforcement Survival Systems", which was taught to the New York City Emergency Service Unit of the police department. He is also the publisher of "Action Martial Arts" magazine.

At the age of 24, Shifu Alan lived inside the Shaolin Yong Chun Temple created by Liu Wei Shigong on Flatbush avenue, Brooklyn NY. He lived there for five years and undergone heavy training surprisingly at all hours of the night. There were several students unde Liu Wei during this time and they all took to the streets to clean up the neighborhood. They wereknown as the "Kings of Flatbush". They accomplished what the police couldn't, and inturn, the mayor asked Alan Shifu to put together a training program for the Emergency Service Unit, hence the" Law Enforcement Survival System", or better known as L.E.S.S.

In the late 1980's, Shifu Alan, being long time friend's with Moy Yat Shigong and under advice of Liu Wei, went to him to further cultivation Yong Chun. By this time Shifu Alan was already a skilled Shifu of Yong Chun. Moy Yat and Alan became even closer friends than they were before, and as a result, in 1989 Moy Yat bestowed his Yip Man #1 family discipleship plaque in a Baishi (Bai Si / Discipleship) Shifu Alan.

Our lineage comes from two elders; Yue Wen (Yip Man) and ZhouYun (Jiu Wan) through Liu Wei Shigong; Jiu Wan, and Moy Yat Shigong; Yip Man.

Alan Shifu is based in Brooklyn NY, and still teaches Yong Chun Quan at his training center on Flatbush Avenue, Hubbard place.

Alan Shifu is also founder and publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine, the largest running FREE martial arts magazine known in the world.


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