The Honorable Members of AVTA

Permanent Hon. Presidents: Prof. T. M. Ho (DBA) Lam Kin Ming

Hon. Advisors: Hon. Justice J J Rhind Leung Wing Sum Huang De Chau Darrell Jordan (Lee Garlin) Kuo Fu Chan Ping Leung

Hon. Presidents: Chan Chee Man Kan Wah Chit,Victor Lam Kin Ming Lok Yiu David Ng

Office Bearers

Chairman: Ma Hang Lum Andrew Vice Chairman: Lam Kwok Wing Sifu Vice Chairman: Yau Yuk Lun Allan Sifu Hon. Treasurer: Choy Wing Shan Jamie Hon. Secretary: Yau Yat Tai Executive Members: To be published on later date

Introduction His Excellency Professor HO Thick Man Duque de Alaydes, Grand Commander of the Teutonic Order Doctor of Business Administration, CPA Duque de Alaydes (Duke of Alaydes) Professor Ho Thick Man (hereunder called Prof. Ho) can be considered to be an extraordinary patriotic person. He had donated with all his effort to build hospitals, monasteries, schools, educational bodies and contribution to scholarship in the People・s Republic of China and Hong Kong SAR. Besides his generous contributions, Prof. Ho is also appointed as the Guest Professor by the universities both provincial & cities of all over the People・s Republic of China, which included the Universities of Langzhou, Sanxi, Helungjian, Tientsin, Hunan, Liaoning, Inner Mogolia, Xinjian, Hebei, Tibet, Jianxi, Hubei Guangdong &c. (regret we can・t list all). Prof. Ho・s another great job is that he had contributed over thirty million Hong Kong dollars to train young registered accountants and university professors from the People・s Republic of China for higher qualification to match and to connect with the international standard. His Excellency Prof. Ho is a very good of our Mr. Andrew Ma. They have many common interests V such as scuba diving and hiking. Together with Hong Kong High Court Judges and many respectful friends had hiked over the mountains, hills and the beautiful waterfall in Hong Kong. In many occasions, Mr. Andrew Ma acted as Prof. Ho・s buddy enjoyed the underwater activities. AVTA are very proud of having Prof. Ho to be our Permanent Honorable President.

Teutonic Order

Mr. Lam Kin Ming is the Chairman of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Art Association, he is a prominent businessman. Mr. Leung Wing Sum is a prominent merchant Mr. Hon. Justice John J. Rhind is a retired Hong Kong High Court Judge

Mr. Hung De Chau is the Deputy Chairmman of Quang Dong Bruce Lee Research Association and Curator of Shun De Bruce Lee Memorial Institution Mr. Kuo Fu is disciple of Master Yip Man in Fosan PRC

Sifu Lok Yiu is one of earliest desciple of Master Yip Man Sifu Chan Chee Man is also one of earliest desciple of Master Yip Man Mr. David Ng is an artist is now appointed as our Honorable President, he was associated with Master Yip Man in the mid-fiftieth; he support our Yip Man Ving Tsun Martial Art and he well-wish to our future development. Sifu Ma Andrew Hang Lum, Businesman, became the desciple of Master Yip Man in 1954, had been director of Ving Tsun athletic Association for many years and was the chairman of the association in 2001 - 2002 Sifu Victor Kan Wah Chit is coaching authentic Ving Tsun in the United Kingdom and other part of the world. He became desciple of Master Yip Man in 1955.